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Rachel Hale

#1 Best Selling Author, Master Coach, Speaker




Rachel Hale

#1 Best Selling Author, Master Coach, Speaker


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We become who we give ourselves permission to be.

Henry David Thoreau often gets attributed this famous quote:

"The mass of men ( women) lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them."

Just like Henry, I realised that most of people do lead lives of quiet desperation, which explains the trillion dollar industry built around self-medication.

We are forever trying to placate, numb and make ourselves feel better with Food. And once we gain weight we have the Weight-loss industry to turn to which is a regular cash cow and has been for decades with their own commercial interests at heart and not yours.

Then we try to look better, and feel better with fashion and what the magazines tell us and then we feel we have to out do each other's Facebook lives, and buy things that we don't even need.

And then we end up unhappy because we never seem to have enough money, or clothes or things as the other person and then we come full circle and reach for some food to make us feel better again!

Millions if not billions of people repeat this pattern day in and day out.

Most people, yes even the ones that look outwardly confident, feel like they are never quite good enough, forever doubting their abilities, and getting through life on survival mode and all those industries are fuelled and thrive on how bad we feel about ourselves.

Sometimes you have a moment of clarity where you take a look at your life and realise, your life isn't exactly what you thought it was going to be.

You've tried to please other people.

You've tried to be responsible.

You've done a job that you thought you were meant to do.

And you're trying to live a good life, which usually looks something like this: 

  • finish school
  • go to college
  • get a degree
  • get a job
  • get married
  • buy a house
  • have kids
  • work 30-40 years and,
  • finally retire to enjoy your ever dwindling superannuation fund when you're in your 70's.

I don't know about you but this plan never sat right with me. I thought it was horrible.

So I started on a journey, and ever the dreamer, I was thinking of outrageous things like how I will be a best selling author, reaching tens of thousands with my story and building multiple businesses where I made money and a living doing what I love. I mean, that's crazy right?

It happens to other people but not me right?

But thankfully I started asking that all important question: Why?

Why am I doing what I am doing?

Why do I continue to do a job I hate?

Why do I continue pretending to be responsible human being when it's my burning desire is to be best selling author, a disruptor and a rebel, a Master Coach with ninja abilities to help people break lifelong habits and limitations and help them achieve their dreams?


Why do I feel so unhappy, dissatisfied, and why am I reaching for my third chocolate cupcake?


Like I said, millions of people ask these questions but they don't know the answers, and they choose self-medication and other obsessive compulsive behaviours to try to "fix" it because it gives the illusion of a quick fix, and makes them feel better.

But I found that there's a simple explanation for all of this.

You are not doing what lights you up from inside out. 

You are trying to fit into a mold that you were never meant to fit into.

Quite frankly, you're out of alignment with who you are at your very core.

You've picked up some bad habits (which happens to all of us), other people told you certain things about you that you believed, and things happened in your childhood that had a profound impact on who you are today.

That's the dissonance you feel, that's the dissatisfaction you feel, that's the craving you feel, and that's the battle inside that you don't know how to resolve.

Take it from someone (i.e. me) who was stressed out, angry, overeating, overspending, neurotic, and forever trying to measure up to impossible standards...I know what it's like to land on your ass for the hundredth time, and yes it hurt like hell.

I know what it's like to end up disillusioned, and be the tortured rebel who's trying to be responsible but craving the freedom of throwing caution to the wind and doing what lights me up.

I know what it's like to have to reinvent myself after a major crisis when I felt like I'll never be happy again.

I know what it's like to be on auto pilot day in and day out, trying to do the right thing, and feeling like you have nothing more left to give, like your tank is empty and nothing fills it up.

To feel like you've tried everything and you're still coming full circle to exactly where you were before.

To find yourself sabotaging your hard work in relationships, weight loss, business or personal life.

In other words, to feel so frustrated and overwhelmed with it all and wishing that someone could fix it or tell me how to fix it.

I went from that to feeling empowered, energised, high achieving, confident, and being able to tick off dream after dream from own my life, which by the way still feels like a dream, but my dream is only getting better and I want everyone to be able to say and feel the same!

In the last few years I've helped hundreds of women:

  • go from feeling afraid, unworthy and undeserving to go on to find amazing innate confidence and energy
  • explode results in personal or business areas after years of procrastination
  • write books after years of writer's block
  • welcome newfound confidence with their body and image
  • get promotions after years of being overlooked
  • create high performing individuals and teams
  • pursue a career that they are truly passionate about
  • build businesses based on passions and strengths
  • help discover and heal years of limiting beliefs and let go of pain that's been holding them back
  • learn to speak and share their powerful story in a way that impacts and inspires
  • and much more...!

As a Master Coach, I do this through highly intuitive coaching, and using techniques that get rapid results without having to wait years or months for it. The secret is rewiring your brain which is easier than you might think!  (My techniques are based on Neuroscience, Flow, High Performance Principles, NLP, Hypnosis, Energy work just to name a few).

I take quite a unique approach considering I've been a lifelong creative and a performer, and had a decade of successful career in project management, looking after multi million dollar projects, and managing high performing teams and individuals to successfully deliver outcomes, in stressful, fast paced and commercial environments.

So I know a thing or two about how to turn ideas into full blown action and achievement and I know how to think outside the box and see possibilities where anyone else would see obstacles.

If you've read this far...there's something about what I'm saying that's resonating with you at a very deep level.

You've probably been thinking or secretly dreaming about a second chance, a fresh start or a chance at reinvention, where you get to live life on your own terms.

About creating a business that gives you the freedom and the income level that you'd love to have.

About travelling to places that you've always wanted to go to (my experience of being in Scotland, visiting 5 whisky distilleries, having Scottish angus beef, and seeing the misty mountains and the rugged terrain, was something right out of my dreams!)

About finally having the self-belief, the courage, and the energy to power your way through to achieve things that you've been forever putting off (writing that book, starting that charity, asking her to marry you!)

I want to know...What has it cost you so far from not taking action when you know you should?

What's it worth for you to finally break bad habits?

To stop doubting yourself and to stop procrastinating? 

To stop perfectionism in its tracks and run confidently in the direction of your dreams, and see them all unfold in your life while you feel effortless ease, happy and fulfilled?

My answer personally was...I'll do absolutely anything!

"The mass of men ( women) lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them."

I don't want you to go quietly with your song still inside of you.

With your best selling book still inside of you.

With your business ideas still inside of you.

With your technological innovations still inside of you.

With your incredible humanitarian work still inside of you.

With all the inspiration and empowerment you can give the world, still inside of you.

Let me help call out greatness from within, even if you doubt yourself. After all I did write a best selling book called Unleash Your Greatness!

My diverse clientele includes entrepreneurs, CEO's, creatives, healers, or others who know deep down they were meant to be doing so much than what they currently do.

My job is not to try to convince you...you already know that you need to take action, and that there are things that are holding you back.

You just need someone who can show you how to get past self-doubt, limits, and objections and how you can finally break through to get rapid results in all areas of your life.

For a limited time I am offering 15 mins consultation via a virtual call where we'll talk face to face, and you'll be able to tell me your deepest desires, your biggest dreams and goals and what's been holding you back, and I'll lay all my experience at your disposal and tell you what your plan of action looks like, and see if we are a great fit to work together. (I only work with people who are serious about getting results!)

Click on the banner below and book a time that suits, and if you can't find a time simply email info@therachelhale.com and ask Louise for a time slot that works for you depending on wherever you are in the world.

It really doesn't have to be as hard, risky, scary as everyone makes it out to be and I wish someone had told me that when I first started out. 

If I can break a lifetime of perfectionism and fully accept myself as I am...

If I can conquer dreaded writer's block, write effortlessly on a daily basis full of inspiration, and go on to publish a #1 best selling book...

If I can completely change my habits around emotional eating and weight and and shed kg's effortlessly purely through my empowered beliefs...

If I can be on the brink of losing my relationship and then turn it around to feel in love, fulfilled and happy again...

If I can start multiple businesses and do work I love, and change and impact many lives across the globe (US, UK, Australia, France and NZ so far!)...

So can you.

Click below to book time for our chat! 


Rachel x



Love & Praise


Love & Praise

"I had a 30 min coaching call with Rachel about a week ago and it has proven valuable to me since. I was hit by many roadblocks in what is the next step in growing my business with millions of ideas floating in my head I could not move forward...in just 30 minutes Rachel was able to help me find clarity of what is moist important to my business right now and focus on that. Needless to say I feel I have made more progress in the last week than ever. Thank you Rachel for all your help! I am excited to see how I grow and share with you.

Just want to say thank you sooo much for being that inspiration I needed. I have spoken with other coaches before and I must say I did not get the same push I feel from you. . I appreciate you giving me that self confidence I needed" - Bria G.

"Within a short period of time, Rachel has help me create and put forward a plan that has given me the knowledge and tools to get clear on my true hearts desires and how to use them to grow my business in leaps and bounds.

Prior to our sessions, I was completely overwhelmed and completely terrified at the thought of makinglife changing decisions to start my own business and build my own empire, however having Rachels unwavering support has been unbelievably influential". - Dani'elle

"I have never attend a coaching session before, so I was a little apprehensive as to what to expect. I found my sessions with Rachel simply amazing. I felt so inspired and goal orientated after each one of our sessions. 

Rachel was able to help me see for myself what I needed to do to achieve out comes and she also inspired me to find the strength me that I was unsure I had.…I highly recommend Rachel" - Tonia

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